Liability – the state of being responsible for something, especially by law.

Asset – a useful or valuable thing, person, or quality.

When you own a home you are guaranteed to need electricity to be able to enjoy your home.

And to get that electricity you are REQUIRED to pay the utility company for the usage you use. And they get to determine what they will charge you for it and you have no say to negotiate that rate. That rate has gone up almost every year and will continue to rise yearly.

And every month you are paying that amount without getting any return on that expense. When getting a mortgage, no one looks at utility bills as a debt, since it isn’t fixed, but it is a guaranteed monthly expense that MUST be accounted for.

By going solar, properly with a full offset of usage, turns that liability into an asset. Instead of paying money every month to the utility company, you are paying YOURSELF, just like paying off your home loan instead of renting and paying someone else’s mortgage payment.

Going solar is making a choice, do you want to pay the utility company every month, throwing away the month into their pocket?

Or you can go solar, pay yourself instead, OWN your own power, get the tax credits available as well to reward you, AND get the increase in equity by owning the panels on your home (you do not get any increase in equity with a solar lease or power purchase agreement)

Choosing to generate your own power through solar not only will reward you now. It also has long-term lasting ramifications for future generations. If you have a $100 a month average electric bill in Denver, going solar is the equivalent of planting approximately 175 trees every year for the next 30 years.

Or, you can keep paying the utility company, miss out of the Federal Solar Tax Incentive, pay increasing rates, and miss out of being able to make a long term difference in our environment and the future of humanity.

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