How Solar is Calculated & Sized Properly for Your Home and Needs

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In today’s conversation, we’re going to talk about how many panels does a home need when going solar.


This is one of the most common questions I get asked when I’m at a party, or in a meeting: how many panels or how much solar is it going to take for my home?


Unfortunately, it’s also the hardest and most impossible question to answer when people just say, here’s how much square footage or this many bedrooms my home has.


However, in order to be able to know how much solar you need for your home, there are a couple things that you need.

The first is what your total annual consumption is for the previous 12 months. That is the limitation that the Public Utility Commission limits to how big your solar system can be. The system can generate 120% of the previous 12 months, so that’s the maximum size that the system can generate.

This is where it gets a little complicated. In order to know what’s needed to produce that amount of needed electricity, we need to look at how many panels does that actually takes.


What determines that production heavily depends on what panel you’re using. As well as looking at what direction your roof faces, what angle that your roof is. Since certain angles are going to get more sun, everything changes if the roof facing south versus if it’s facing east versus north. All these are factors to go into designing a proper system.


When a company gets your address and your usage, they put the numbers into one of the plethora of software programs out there to determine how many panels can fit and what they generate. Once they do that they will know exactly how much is needed to be able to produce the amount of energy to offset your usage over the last 12 months. Be aware though, not all software programs are equal. Some are much better, while some make it easy to be inaccurate with the design and estimated production or even designing systems that meet the International Fire Code standards and setbacks.


The other thing that any good company will also look at is the number of trees and shadowing that will take place over your roof. So if the panels are covered by shade part of the time, that’s going to reduce the amount that they can produce.

These are factors and if you know just what your square footages, it doesn’t work because you have to know how much AC you use and whether your heating is run off of electric or off of gas. These are the things that MUST be considered when pricing/sizing out a company. And this is how we size what you need in order to be able to go solar.


If you’re interested to know how much it would cost for YOU to go solar, all you have to do is go to, that’s our website, and you can either message us there, you can hit a good quote now and schedule a time right there. We’ll set up a time we’ll get a couple pieces of information from you go through, including our 4-Step Due Diligence Process as you’re looking throughout the process, and we’ll be able to tell you what it’ll cost specifically for you.




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