Why installing solar when doing your roof will provide you a one time benefit that will redeem a portion of the roof cost back to you!

As we start hail season, this is a perfect time to make sure to share about the role that your roof plays when going solar.

Obviously, it’s THE most important part unless you’re getting a pergola or you’re not attaching it to your roof, and 95% of cases the solar panels are going to go on your roof. So the roof is a very crucial thing to make sure you’re aware of, of what to do and what role it plays when going solar.

Now we look at the direction your roof faces, called the asmeth. The direction that your roof faces and the size and construction of your roof is going to be the determining factor for how many panels you’ll need.

Your shingles are the next component we’ll cover.  The most common material that you probably have and are familiar with is called the asphalt shingles. Those are the thin flat ones that are likely on there. There’s also stone covered slate and tile and all these different types of roof materials.

Each material has its own unique way for how solar is going to be installed on your roof.

Different roofs, like tile needs to be mounted very differently versus just asphalt where the mounting and racking system can go right through your roof.

Each of these being so specialized is where you want to make sure you have a quality company that knows what they’re doing.

And you hopefully will have a workmanship warranty that they’re going to guarantee the work that they do whenever it’s something that’s on or especially penetrating your roof.

Now here’s a really good news, especially if you are getting solar and your roof in 2020 or 2021.

With the federal tax credit that you get for going solar, which is 26% in 2020, meaning it has to be fully installed by 12/31/2020, you get 26% in of the total project costs on your federal taxes…and that includes at least a portion of the roof replacement done at the same time, even if covered by insurance.

That tax credit does drop down to 22% in 2021 before going away completely after that.

So if you’ve had hail damage from a hailstorm within the last year, this is the best time you’ll ever get to benefit from going Solar, because at least the portion of the roof that’s covered by the solar panels will be able to be added to the federal tax credit.

Yes, even if insurance is covering it from a hail claim, the value of that will be able to be added to your insurance claim or to your federal tax credit.

When installing solar, the roof is always going to have to be inspected anyways. This is where you also want to have a roofing and claims expert. Which is why we have an entire roofing division that our insurance claim experts that can look and see if there’s been storms in the area and see if the damage on your roof will be able to get the claim accepted by your insurance company.

And if the roof is in bad shape, we may not be able to put solar on until the roof is repaired or replaced.

So the shape of the roof and the quality that it’s in is going to be a huge factor because if not it will not pass a county inspection if the roof isn’t up to code.

Depending on the age of the roof, the slope, and what direction it faces will be the part that gets looked at when you go from the initial contract to what’s called a site plan.

The site plan is where you’re going to want to make sure you have a good expert with a company that you trust. That’s going to give you the answers if the actual plan will be a match for the proposal quote they gave you.

And if you’ve had a hailstorm recently and you’re looking at getting a new roof, do yourself a favor and at least look at going solar because it is going to be the best and most affordable and give you the best return for going solar right now.

If you’re in Colorado, and you happen to have had a recent hailstorm and you’re looking at getting a roof, talk to us, we can take care of all of it and one which is a very unique characteristic of what we can do. We do no cost inspections and solar proposals to see if either or both would work for you.

And we’d be happy to show you that the investment of doing both at the same time will impress you and allowing you to make the best decision that you can make on your home now and for the foreseeable future.





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