INTERESTED IN SOLAR? Follow these FOUR STEPS when comparing companies and doing your due diligence

SOLAR AND PROPERTY: How to Buy, Sell, Add & Value Property With Solar

Receive 2 continuing education credits through VanEd for successfully completing our Solar And Property course.

What You Will Learn In Our CE Course:

Why 2019 in Colorado is the best timing for solar

With the 30% tax credit expiring at the end of 2019, as well as the price of install at a low, learn why this is the best time to Go Solar

Walk away with expert knowledge to bring your clients and network

Solar is growing and many properties have or will have solar, make sure you are an expert in this emerging field and it’s impact on buying and selling properties

Knowing the financial benefits and risks of solar, including valuation of property with solar

Be able to properly value a property with solar, and know if it was properly installed and a benefit or detriment to the property

Negotiating strategies for buying and selling agents for properties with or wanting solar

When you know what to look for, you will have tools and strategies you can use when negotiating properties with solar, including how to rectify a bad loan rate

How investment and commercial properties can take advantage of the solar incentives

How to best use and leverage solar power for commercial and investment properties

Have a Property That Could Benefit from Solar?