Solar Division in a Box

For business owners and connectors who have a large database of homeowners in solar markets across the country, we have created our Exclusive and Proprietary Solar Division in a Box.

While there are multiple ways this can be structured depending on your level of desired involvement, there is no financial investment needed to do this. And we do a split of profit on every job that gets directly deposited to you, split depending on how much involvement you want vs what we do throughout the solar sales and follow up process.

Even better news is there’s no marketing costs for us to build you an entire solar division for you and your existing business.

Simply said, we’ve cracked the code for this using a relationship-based sales model and partnering with top technologies and premium customer service. There is a brief strategy session we do to start and then we get right to work.

The best part is that when combined with our Solar Alliance Program methodology, this will create the opportunity for a sustainable and referral based business that can bring in income to you without ever having to do any solar selling yourself.

Book a time to talk about what your Solar Division in a Box would look like and pick the solar div in a box option and I look forward to how we can help you and your business as well as your network.