Conscious Solar Alliance Program

Everyone is a part of their own community. It could be your neighbors, but includes family, friends, and others that you interact with on a daily and weekly basis. Many of these people are homeowners, and with ever increasing electric rates they will at some point be approached about solar and will consider it at some point soon.

Fill out the info on the calculator and you’ll see the potential savings. If you want us to review it with you, click the box requesting follow up and we will review the information and give you a complimentary full solar refi consultation – no credit pull, no risk, just a more accurate representation what your numbers are and the viability you have for a solar refi or if there’s another option if not.

Our Solar Alliance Program is how we see we can help you and the communities you are a part of and reward you with $1,000 direct-deposited at install for anyone you introduce to us.

All you need to do is sign up for free as a Solar Ambassador and anyone you talk to that is interested in looking into solar you put in your mobile app and they come directly and only to us.

There’s no risk or cost to sign up for this, or to get a solar proposal, so schedule a time at “” and let’s see how we can work together to help your communities using solar.