INTERESTED IN SOLAR? Follow these FOUR STEPS when comparing companies and doing your due diligence

Whether you are getting a quote from us at Conscious Energy Consultants or not, if you are considering solar it’s important to do you due diligence including potentially getting multiple quotes.

There is a LOT of misinformation from companies that will over promise under performing systems, tell you things they’ve been trained in thinking its true when they aren’t, and will all say they have the best of everything.

To help you through this decision making process we put together this pre-appointment checklist so that you will be informed and able to compare apples-apples.

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Here is a solar company comparison sheet.  PLEASE print out a copy for yourself and use it to compare all the various companies you are considering:


Download our complimentary 

That was created to give you a resource you can use to get just about every educational fact you need that companies do NOT tell you and some don’t want you to know. 

The PDF guide has a clickable table of contents for you to reference various components of buying solar in Colorado.

STEP THREE and 3.5:

Watch the following video.

Solar Presentation – Video 1

Instead of doing this with you when we get to your home, watching this now will give you the general overview of solar,

and what we at Conscious Energy Consultants do that differentiates us from the other companies you may consider.

Complete Conscious Home Solution – Video 2

Our proprietary REDUCE BEFORE YOU PRODUCE offering explained in detail.

A few companies do similar upgrades, but no one does what we do and how we do it. This video briefly covers what we do that is distinct so when we review your Solar Proposal you’ll understand how it will benefit you compared to just adding solar.


Watch the following video.

You should now have all the resources to feel properly educated on the nuances of Buying Solar in Colorado.

You should have a video proposal now for your solar project. Click the link to schedule a time to review your proposal:

We look forward to meeting with you and sharing our custom One-Of-A-Kind proposal program and seeing if and how solar and being Energy Conscious can benefit you.

You may still want some more information about us, here are two videos that will cover Why Choose Us for your solar project, and how what we do is distinct from other companies

The second is about the 7 Things To Consider When Going Solar

I’m sure you have lots of questions and we look forward to answering them.

Write them down and have them ready for when we meet and we will get all yours answered when we meet.

 Jake Wilson

President, Conscious Energy Consultants

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We Can’t Wait to Take Your Power Back