Values Are Everything

At Conscious Energy Solutions we make all of our decisions based on our value systems. Learn more here.

Our Values bring YOU Value


At Conscious Energy Consultants we pride ourselves in educating homeowners on the available conscious energy upgrade they can make, and how each will effect them in the short and long term.


Having been born and raised in Colorado, we love this state and want to provide the resources and opportunities for our communities to be sustainable and energy conscious for years to come


We hold ourselves, our partners, products and our workmanship to the highest of standards. Our commitment is to do it the right way every time until the work is complete.

Making a Difference

We aren’t just a solar and roofing company. We exist to help reduce energy consumption without changing daily habits and then using renewable resources to offset the remainder of the household’s energy needs. What this unique approach does is it provides a long-term lasting difference in a homeowner’s energy consumption, property equity, energy usage, and puts Tens of Thousands of Dollars in their pockets.